Life Saving CPR Training.

Accidents, emergencies and injuries can happen to anyone anytime-especially at work. We teach participants how to prevent, prepare for and properly respond in an emergency. First Aid and CPR training by Safety Training Associates can teach employees to:

  • Overcome any reluctance to act in emergency situations.
  • Identify how to use your community's emergency medical services (EMS) system effectively.
  • Recognize and care for respiratory and cardiac emergencies.
  • Care for a conscious and unconscious choking adult.
  • Recognize and care for bleeding emergencies, injuries, and sudden illnesses.
  • Use universal precautions when caring for victims.

Over 4 million nonfatal injuries and over 5,000 ccupational related fatalities were reported in private industry workplaces during 2008. U.S. Department of Labor

Medical emergencies and accidents on the job cost American companies billions of dollars every year in lost wages, healthcare expenses, lawsuits and workers compensation claims. One of our goals is to help businesses lessen these costs by teaching employees how to properly respond to workplace emergencies. Employees can learn what to do to prevent emergencies and what to do if one does occur.

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